Mackmyra Whisky


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The First AI generated Whisky in the World

Mackmyra has always been exploring new ideas.

Now, celebrating 20 years of whisky-making in Sweden, Mackmyra is delivering something extra special.

Together with Fourkind, we are going to present the world's first machine learning generated whisky at TNW Conference 9-10 of May in Amsterdam.

Coming to stores Fall 2019.

Don't miss out

This batch is guaranteed to sell fast, so we recommend that you follow all our channels to ensure you won't miss out on this. (0)26 541 880

Mackmyra is a nordic whisky making pioneer that kickstarted the Swedish whisky journey in 1999. Its whisky is created with Swedish raw materials, without additives, and using environmentally-friendly distillation technology. In addition to it's award-winning whiskys, craft distilled gin has also been available since 2017 via another distillery, Mackmyra Lab Distillery. Mackmyra's share is traded on the Nasdaq First North Stockholm exchange.

Machine learning by

Fourkind is a consulting agency mixing management consulting and the implementation capabilities of creative technology companies. Fourkind currently has teams in Helsinki and Amsterdam, and multiple high-profile clients at both sites.

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